Aerospatiale AS365 Dauphin 2 - FOST, Roborough Airport, Plymouth 1996.

Matchbox, with various scratch additions including new large cabin door and decals from the spares box. Link to re-build page

The RN lease several Dauphins from Bond Helicopters, for use by FOST (Flag Officer Sea Training) staff for transfers back and forward between the Naval Base and ships. The aircraft can also be booked by ships for various serials, including the infamous GWS25 Seawolf Missile helo cals, a routine maintenance serial where the aircraft must hover abreast the ship for several hours carrying a Doppler radar transponder, allowing the ship's air defence missile system to lock on to the helo for calibration and fine tuning (if you've ever done them you'll know how boring they are). Hovering for long periods like this takes its toll on the aircraft and is not at all popular with the Lynx community, hence the enthusiasm for outsourcing to the Bond helos!

More recently, the Dauphins have been repainted in a royal blue colour and have simplified undercarriage fairings instead of doors.

Westland/Aerospatiale SA330C Gazelle HT.2,

705 Sqn FAA "Sharks" Display Team, RNAS Culdrose, 1978

Airfix, with minor modifications and Model Art decals. Link to Build Page

In the 1980s, the Sharks Royal Navy helo display team used to delight crowds at air-shows across the country with their spectacular formation flying displays. Flown by helicopter instructors from 705 Sqn at RNAS Culdrose, this is the original brightly coloured RN training paint scheme; it was subsequently changed to the less exciting common RN/RAF red and white Gazelle trainer scheme.

Westland Aerospatiale SA330B Gazelle AH.1

847 Sqn FAA, Royal Marines, Al Faw Peninsula, 2003.

Airfix. Modeldecal "Royal Marines" markings & serial. Horrendous tail-sitter, with nowhere to put weight.

The RN also use the attack and communications variant of the Gazelle, operating in conjunction with the missile armed Lynx AH.7 aircraft of 3 Commando Brigade. When operated from ships, the aircraft carry compact flotation bags on their skids.

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