Lynx HAS.2

Lynx HAS.3

Lynx HAS.3 ICE

Lynx HMA.8

Lynx AH.7

Lynx HMA.8

Lynx HMA.8 Black Cats

Super Lynx Mk.88A

Helicopter Models

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Helos Index Early Helos Wessex Lynx Sea King Small Helos EH101 Chinook Puma Miscellaneous

Part 1: Early Helicopters


Main Index

R-4B Hoverfly

Dragonfly HR.5

Wasp HAS.1

Scout AH.1

Sycamore HR.14

Whirlwind HAR.21

Whirlwind HAR.1

Whirlwind HAR.3

Whirlwind HAS.22

Sioux AH.1

Early Helos Early Helos Early Helos #Admiral Early Helos

Part 2:  The Westland Wessex

S-58 Wessex Development

Wessex HAS.1

Wessex HAS.3

Wessex HU.5 SAR

Wessex HU.5 Commando

Wessex Wessex

Part 3:  The Westland Lynx

Lynx Lynx Lynx

Sea King HAS.5

Sea King HC.4

Sea King HAS.1

Sea King ASACS.7

Sea King HAR.3

Part 4:  The Westland Sea King

Sea King Sea King Sea King

Part 5:  Smaller Helicopters

Gazelle HT.1

Gazelle AH.1

Dauphin 2 FOST

Dauphin 2 FOST

Small Helos Small Helos Small Helos Small Helos

Part 6:  Merlin & Cormorant, Chinook & Puma

EH101 Merlin HAS.1

AW101 Merlin HM.2 Crowsnest

AW101 Merlin HM.1

AW101 Merlin HC.3A

AW101 Cormorant

Chinook HC.2

Puma HC.3

EH101 Chinook Puma #Cormorant

Part 7:  Seasprite, Vertol 107, Sea Cobra, Hormone, Seahawk & Black Hawk

SH-2F Seasprite LAMPS

Ka-25 Hormone A

Vertol 107 HKP-4

AH-1W Sea Cobra

EC135 Western Counties

Ka-27 Helix A

Sikorsky S-70

UH-60A Black Hawk

Westland W.70 Black Hawk

Mil Mi-17 Hip-H    Ukrainian Army

Sikorsky S-70

SH-60B Seahawk

Mil Mi-24V Hind-E    Ukrainian Army

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous #Whirlwind #HC3a Wessex Wessex Lynx Lynx Lynx Lynx Early Helos Lynx #HAR3 Sea King Miscellaneous Early Helos Wessex

Sea King HAS.1

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