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 2009 Models

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100 Years of British Naval Aviation 1909-2009

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Gazelle HT.2Snow SpeederVickers AS-90

Sea King HC.4Hawker P.1127BAe 146 - AirUK

P.1154 RNHarrier GR.3Urals Truck

FRADU Canberra TT.18AS365 Dauphin 2FOST Dauphin 2

Revell Wessex 3 HumphreyFly Navy 100 Hawk T.1Fly Navy 100 Hawk T.1

Buccaneer S.1Supermarine Scimitar  807 SqnF-100D Super Sabre - RDAF

A-6E IntruderJetstream T.2Fairey Flycatcher

Hawker Osprey, 801 Sqn FAA HMS FURIOUS 1938Gloster Sea Gladiator 813 Sqn Fighter Flight, HMS EAGLE, 1940Fairey Fulmar Mk1

Challenger 2 RSDGHurricane 1B Trop - RN Fighter Sqn Western Desert 1941Fairey Firefly Mk.1 - 1771 Sqn FAA, HMS IMPLACABLE, British Pacific Fleet, Truk Lagoon, 1945.
Frog/Eastern Express 1/72, built straight from the box.

Grumman Wildcat VIGrumman Wildcat IVGrumman Wildcat VI

Harrier GR.9 - Fly Navy 100Catalina IIIaMiG-15 Korean Peoples Air Force - KP Models

HurricatSea Hornet F.20

January: Westland/Aerospatiale Gazelle HT.2 , Star Wars SnowSpeeder, AS-90 Self Propelled Gun and Sea King HC.4

February: Continuing the Sea King HC.4 (and a doll's house!), plus a re-visit of my Hawker P.1127 for the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Hawker Harrier. Another visit to the FAA Museum model show and then, to finish the month, a Revell BAe146, in Air UK livery.

March: The never-to-be supersonic Harrier predecessor, the Hawker P.1154 RN Osprey; not quite as iconic as the TSR2, but definitely close. Continuing the VSTOL theme, an RAF Harrier GR.3 and then something completely off-theme - a Russian Urals 43203 Command Vehicle.

April: Started last month, a FRADU Canberra TT.18. Then an update of my older Dauphin helicopter build to correct some of the things I didn't do when I built it 10 years ago!

May: Another, more recent RN FOST Dauphin, this time in a rather fetching blue, followed by one of the most famous RN helicopters of all time; "Humphrey", HMS ANTRIM's Wessex 3. To finish the month, an RN Hawk T.1 in Fly Navy 100 markings.

June: To kick off the month, an Airfix-based Buccaneer S.1 from HMS ARK ROYAL. Then the Airfix LCVP "Higgins Boat" for the 65th Anniversary of D-Day. Finally, another Supermarine Scimitar, to join my existing one. This time it's the recent Xtrakit injection moulded release.

July: An F-100D Super Sabre of the Royal Danish Air Force joins my Friends & Allies Pages, along with an A-6E intruder from Operation Desert Storm. I have also undertaken a quick refurbishment of my RN Jetstream T.2.

August: Between the wars Naval Aviation - first, the Fairey Flycatcher. Then, the beautiful Hawker Osprey, converted from the Airfix Demon kit.

September: Straddling the pre-WW2 period and the first 2 years of war, the Gloster Sea Gladiator. Then in 1941, a modern fleet fighter at last (well not quite) - the Fairey Fulmar. Then, fast forward 62 years to the second Gulf War and a Challenger 2 tank. To finish the month, a Hurricane 1B of the RN Fighter Sqn in the Western Desert 1941

October: The Fulmar's successor as Fleet Fighter was a far superior aircraft, that remained in front line service until after the Korean War; the marvellous Fairey Firefly. Staying with the FAA fighter theme, a Grumman Wildcat Mk VI, of the British East Indies Fleet, using the old Airfix kit and the superb 2009 Airfix Club decals. Then back to noisy Jets - a Harrier GR.9 in the colourful Fly Navy 100 markings. Some pictures from the Yeovilton FAA Museum Model show then back to the Wildcats/Martlets to finish the month - this time an ancient Frog Mk.IV Wildcat, representing one that took part in the attacks on the TIRPITZ.

November: To finish off my Quintet of Wildcats/Martlets, the excellent Hasgawa kit marked as an early Martlet Mk III in the Western Desert. Second build is an Airfix PBY-5A Catalina Mk III, in Coastal Command markings. The final build is a MiG-15 of the North Korean AF, similar to that downed by 802 Sqn's Sea Furies.

December: The Hawker Hurricane 1a "Hurricat", as launched from CAM ships (merchant ships with catapults) during WW2, and the beautiful De Havilland Sea Hornet F.20.

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