Scout (Pup)

British & Colonial Aircraft Company (Bristol)

Filton & Brislington, Bristol

Bristol Scout

Airco (incl DeHavilland)

Hendon, London

 Airco DH.4

Fairey Aviation Company (incl Blackburn build Swordfish "Blackfish")

Hayes, London (and Brough, Yorkshire)








Fulmar I

Fulmar II

Firefly I



Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Company / Blackburn Aircraft

Brough, Yorkshire





Gloster Aircraft Company (Hawker Siddeley Aircraft)

Hucclecoat, Gloucestershire

Sea Gladiator

Hawker Aircraft (Hawker Siddeley Aircraft)

Kingston upon Thames, London

Hawker Osprey

Sea Hurricane Ib

Sea Hurricane Ia

Sea Hurricane Ib

Hurricane Ib

Sea Hurricane IIc

Sea Fury X

Sea Fury FB.11

Sea Fury T.20

Supermarine (Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd)

Woolston, Hampshire & Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire

Incl aircraft built or converted by:

 Air Training (Hamble) Ltd, Hamble, Cunnliffe Owen, Eastleigh, Westland Aircraft, Yeovil, Somerset

Seafire 1b

Seafire 1b

Seafire IIc

Seafire IIc

Seafire LIII

Seafire LIII

Seafire F.XV

Seafire F.17

Seafire F.47

Sea Otter Mk.1

Seafang 31

Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation

Bethpage, New York, USA

Incl aircraft built by

General Motors Easter Aircraft Division, Linden, New Jersey, USA

Martlet I

Martlet II

Martlet III

Martlet III

Wildcat IV

FM1 Wildcat V


FM2 Wildcat VI

Gannet Mk.I (Hellcat)

Gannet Mk.I (Hellcat)

Hellcat Mk.II

Vought (incl Goodyear)

(United Aircraft Corporation)

Stratford, Connecticut, USA

Akron Ohion & Phoenix Arizona, USA


F-4U Corsair I

F-4U Corsair III

FG-1D Corsair IV

FG-1D Corsair IV

DeHavilland Aircraft Company

(Hawker Siddeley Aircraft)

Hatfield, Herfordshire & Broughton, Chester


Sea Hornet F.20                         Tiger Moth T.1                         Sea Devon C Mk.20

Handley Page / Scottish Aviation /

 British Aerospace

Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland

Jetstream T.2

Brewster Aeronautical Corporation

 Long Island New York, USA


de Havilland Canada (DHC)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Douglas Aircraft Company

Long Beach, California, USA

Skyraider AEW.1

The Sopwith Aviation Company (incl Wm Beardmore built Camels)

Kingston upon Thames, London (& Dalmuir, Clydebank)

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Hellcat Mk.1

Sea Hurricane IIc

Beech Aircraft Corporation

Wichita, Kansas, USA

C-45 Expeditor Mk.II

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Avenger Mk.II

Walrus Mk.1

Seafire III

FM2 Wildcat VI

Hellcat Mk.I

Hellcat Mk.II


Boulton Paul Aircraft

Wolverhampton, Staffs.

Sea Balliol T.21

Westland Aircraft

Yeovil, Somerset.

Wyvern S.4



Camel F1

Ship's Camel 2F1

1 ½ Strutter

Scout (Pup)

Seafire F.46

Seafire LIII

Seafire F.45

Firefly FR.1


Firefly FR.4

Firefly AS.5

Glenn L Martin Company

Santa Anna, California, USA

Model 167 Maryland Mk.II

Avenger Mk.II

Grob Aircraft

Tussenhausen, Bavaria, Germany

Grob Tutor T.1

Firebrand TF.II

WW2 to Korea

Firebrand TF.5

WW2 to Korea

Avenger AS.4




Gannet AS.4

Gannet AEW.3

Gannet AEW.3

Gannet COD

Gannet T.5

Hunting Percival

Luton, Bedfordshire

Grob Tutor T.1

Hellcat Mk.II