March 2007


Harrier GR9 – 800 Naval Air Squadron RN (Airfix with Heritage LERX)

(oh no – yet another Harrier) I really do think that the Airfix Harrier II is one the best AV8B kits available; yes it has less fine detail than Hasegawa (e.g. raised instead of engraved), but a better overall shape (gear doors, an air brake and realistic nozzles) and it can be had for less than half the price. This one has the Heritage resin 100% LERX added – not an easy fit as the wing profile is not well matched. Model Alliance and Sky markings for 800 Naval Air Sqn aircraft in Aug 2006 and Italeri-based Paveways.


Sopwith 2F1 “Ships Camel” – Royal Naval Air Service 1917 (Roden with modifications)

My second attempt at lycra rigging – much happier with this one. Roden have produced a very nice little kit, if a bit fiddly and quite expensive.


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