This page lists some useful modelling web pages and references: Probably the best forum for UK aircraft modellers (and modellers of UK aircraft!). British bias and flavour. A superb reference for all modellers, listing most available kits. Interesting daily updates, often featuring impressive builds by real (i.e not “super”) modellers from around the world. However, note that the review section is rather confusing. Some superbly inventive modellers on this speculative modelling site. N.B. previous US spelling of URL (with only one “l” in modeller) no longer works

Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum . Welcoming and interesting.  Strong British Classic Kit bias! In French, but there is a link to an English version. Modelling from the Gallic side of the channel. Professionally presented monthly updates and interesting articles. Another superb French site. No English version this time, but it is fairly self explanatory and contains lots of superb reference photographs. Monthly updates, good quality articles and reviews, if a bit staid. Good daily updates, kit reviews and articles, Site owner well respected and produces some superb video reports from shows, plus informative modelling technique tutorials. Strong US bias. Very much a US oriented site, even though the site owner/editor has a definite soft spot for Brit aircraft. Remains the best source of well written model reviews and previews. Another excellent site, this time biased entirely toward Airfix kits. Comprehensive Helicopter modelling site. An essential reference for British Cold War aircraft modellers. Comprehensive FRADU Hunters (& Canberras) site. Photos of everything you ever wanted. A superb reference on the Falklands war, amongst others.

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