June 2007


Its been a quiet month so far, so here are a selection of older builds of my favourite aircraft:

Sea Harrier, Harrier Seafire& What-if/Research

I have spent most of the month thus far playing with this website; however I have done some modelling too:

Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B, 880 NAS Fleet Air Arm, RNAS Arbroath, 1941

This is the Hobby Boss Trop Hurricane, modified to represent an early Sea Hurricane 1B of 880 NAS, at HMS CONDOR, RNAS Arbroath in 1941. It fell of the shelf in my LMS last Saturday and shouted build me build me!

Not a bad little kit considering its price and target market. A bit skinny though, and the fuselage sides are too flat/slab like (probably a limitation of the one-piece moulding process). Detail is nice, but very lightly engraved, which did not go well with my normal oily wash technique. Decals not bad although the red is too bright (but OK for my early aircraft) and the red spot in the fuselage marking too small. Thoroughly recommended for beginners and those, like me, who have temporarily stalled and need a quick build to kick start their enthusiasm.

Sea Hurricane 1b

Changing to a Sea Hurricane is easy; cannon removed, wings rescribed in gun area and scratch built hook (fuse wire & plastic card) added using the Revell Sea Hurricane IIc as a template. This is the very early FAA scheme, with sky grey undersides & high demarcation line.

Started Saturday night; finished the following Wednesday; modelling at its simplest.

Hawker Sea Hurricane IIc, 760 NAS Fleet Air Arm, RNAS Inskip & HMS RAVAGER 1944

and here's my older Revell Sea Hurricane IIc build as a comparison:

Sea Hurricane IIc

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