February 2007


IAI Dagger – Fuerza Aerea Argentina (PM)

My first “Falklands 25” attempt of the year. This is the cheap, but very crude and inaccurate PM kit. The decals looked nice on paper, but fell to pieces on contact with water. I built it very quickly and effectively lost interest in the end.


F4H-1/F-4B Phantom - VF 74 USS Forrestal USN (Airfix)

Bought for the princely sum of £2 at the FAA Museum Show at Yeovilton, this kit is nowhere near as bad as I expected, indeed it builds up very nicely and the decals are rather fun. It certainly cheered me up after the Dagger disappointment. Part of the canopy was missing so I substituted a spare Fujimi one which looks much better. Sadly it only lasted a fortnight before youngest daughter managed to knock it off its shelf whilst arguing with her brother; damage was significant but repairable.


Feb 07 - RNAS Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm Museum Model Show

After years of dragging the wife and kids around model shows, they finally persuaded me to put on a show of my own prolific kit collection.

This was probably the first time ever that all of my the kits had all been out of their storage boxes at the same time. An enjoyable day was had by all !

Yeovilton Model Show

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