October 2007

Those dark nights are beginning to tell, which means more modelling time ! or does it...........?

Bristol Ferranti Bloodhound Mk1 (Airfix)

The kit was built last year, but it seems to be de-rigeour to provide these kits with an appropriate base to match the box art.

So here it is...............

More piccies on the Dark Side page.


Bloodhound box

Supermarine Vickers Scimitar F1, 803 Sqn HMS HERMES, 1968 (Contrail - Sutcliffe Vacform)

Going back to the mid 1980s, this was my first ever vacform kit and I think it has held up pretty well as a build. However, the Humbrol Satin varnish (out the tin) that I used at the time had badly yellowed over the years (Link to "before" picture). Since my painting and finishing techniques (and materials) have moved light years ahead since then, I thought that a rebuild and repaint would be in order, with a few added details as well.

Cockpit, pilot and jet nozzles from (I think) an old Airfix Jaguar, drop tanks from my Frog Sea Vixen, Bullpup missile from an old Hasegawa F-4K. Decals from various Modeldecal sets and ex-Frog Sea Vixen.

Scimitar header1

Scimitar Header2



More Scimitar pictures on the RN Jets pages

Yeovilton FAA Museum October Model Show

A rather quiet day, but some excellent models on display.

Yeovilton pictures - The Tulloch Family Stand!


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