Jun 2019

Incom Corp X-Wing Fighter

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Incom Corporation T-85 X-Wing Fighter

Resistance Forces - Blue Sqn, Star Wars

Bandai 1/72

The X-wing fighter is one of the key craft depicted in the Star Wars universe.  Several version have been used across the film series, with this build representing the most recently shown version (with split semi-circular engines) as depicted in the Last Jedi films.

Equipped with four laser cannons and a pair of proton torpedo launchers, the X-wing is able to deploy its wings into a n open"attack position" to improve its field of fire.  An astromech droid is carried to navigate hyperspace jumps, enables by the X-wing’s hyperdrive motor

Having been disappointed in our frantic attempts to gain Glastonbury tickets this year, Mrs T and I went to Disneyland Paris for a week in January instead, to attend the “Star Wars” Event.  Although it was utterly freezing (with lots of snow), it was also great fun and a good prompt for me to build this Bandai kit, which was an Xmas present in 2017 from my eldest!

Bandai, along with Finemolds (some of whose kits have been re-released by Revell) are generally acknowledged to produce the best Star Wars kits and although not cheap, they feature superb moulding and excellent engineering.  The kit is designed to snap together without glue if required, and includes stickers as well as proper decals, multi coloured plastic and some very nicely sculpted figures as well as a stand.  It builds reasonably well, although I did find the instructions a little confusing in some respects, particularly when assembling the almost symmetrical parts

Scenes from the Disney Star Wars event

With my other 1/72 Star War models - A Snow Speeder and the Milllenium Falcon

Rather foolishly, Mrs T decided to tell one of the Imperial patrol members that that he was a little short to be a Stormtrooper. The joke was not appreciated and they marched her off for interrogation.  Rebel Scum!

I got her back later though!  

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