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The first B-29 to enter the Pacific Theatre in World War II was given the name "Joltin Josie, the Pacific Pioneer".

Josie arrived in the Marianas on the 12th of October, 1944 with General Haywood S. Hansell in the pilot seat and Major Jack Catton - the aircraft commander - in the co-pilot's position. Hansell headed the XXI Bomber Command. Catton was a flight leader of the 873rd squadron in the 498th Bomb Group. The 497th, 498th, 399th and the 500th Bomb Groups and their associated organization made up the 73rd Bomb Wing.

After some 400 hours flying and 24 missions over Japan, during which Josie never suffered an abort and always hit the primary target, Major Catton was transferred to General LeMay's Headquarters. Captain Wilson C. Currier took over as aircraft commander.

Josie was lost on the first mission following Major Catton's departure. Immediately after taking off on 1 April 1945, she crashed into Magicienne Bay (also known as Laulau Bay) and exploded on impact. There were no survivors.

The Airfix B-29 kit is a bit of a handful, with difficult fit in some areas.  Nevertheless, it remains an enjoyable, if sometimes challenging build.

Boeing B-29A Superfortress,  498th Bomb Group, 873rd Squadron.

Saipan, Marianna Islands, November 1944

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B-29 Superfortress

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Lockheed F-104C Starfighter - 479 TFW, Vietnam, 1965.

I find the Starfighter a particularly good looking aircraft, particularly in bare metal finish; far more futuristic looking than any of its contemporaries. ESCI's superb kit is available in several versions (covering the F-104C, G and S) and has recently been re-issued by Italeri.

Decals are largely out the box, although several of the larger letters disintegrated during application (a problem I have encountered with many older ESCI kits) so were replaced 1 for 1 with spares (ex-Airfix I think).

The F-104 was another contemporary of the Lightning. Although this is a US version, its main users were non US, including many NATO Nations. Lockheed's efforts to sell the Starfighter to NATO in the "deal of the century" were engulfed in scandal and corruption, with a member of at least one European Royal Family being shown to have accepted large bribes to promote its purchase.

The Starfighter had a poor safety record and was very demanding to fly. License built and improved versions were produced by Canadair, Mitsubishi, Fiat (Aeritalia) and a consortium of european companies, including MBB, Messerschmitt, Fiat, Fokker and SABCA.


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F-104C Starfighter