February 2015

Sukhoi SU-22 M4 - Fitter K

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Selected WW2 70th Anniversaries this month:

Between 2009 and 2015, I have set myself a general modelling theme based on selected 70th Anniversaries from WW2.

In Europe,Allied forces are closing in on Gemrany.  In the Far East, US forces seek suitable bases to launch a full-out attack on the Japanese mainland.

3 February 1945 – US & Phillipines forces enter Manilla and begin street to street fighting.

4 Feb – Belgium is now fully liberated.

13/14 Feb – The city of Dresden is totally destroyed by RAF fire bombing.

19 Feb – US Forces land on Iwo Jima and begin 5 weeks of intense combat.

24 Feb – over 9,000 Allied bombers attack Germany in a single raid.

28 Feb – Manilla is now back in Allied hands.

Sukhoi Su-22 M4 “Fitter K”

Polish Air Force - 2014

Italeri 1/72

The appearance of two Polish Airforce SU-22 Fitters at last year’s Fairford Air Tattoo was definitely one of the major highlights of the event. The Fitter formed the mainstay of Soviet and Warsaw Pact ground attack air forces from the early 1970s until th elate 1990s.  It rmeians in service with a number of Air Forces worldwide, perhaps most notably with the Poles, who decided last year (2014) to extend its service for up to another 10 years.  Reliable and straightforward to maintain in the field, the Polish decision also allows them to retain their large inventory of Cold-War era Soviet weapons, replacement of which would have been a major cost driver.

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Background Image: B-24 Liberator at the IWM Duxford

This is the well regarded Italeri kit, which is actually made by Bilek in the Czech Republic.  On first look I was a little disappointed by the soft detail and rough “pebbly” plastic surface, but the kit fits well and the end effect looks good.

Markings are from the kit (two Russian examples are offerred as alternatives) but I have modified the colour scheme slightly to reflect the aircraft  displaying at Fairford last year.

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